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Vereinsanlage, Bärenweg 16, 94315 StraubingVereinsanlage, Bärenweg 16, 94315 Straubing

Vogelmarkt Termine 2021

Einlaß 07:00 Uhr

Eintritt 7,-€



Vorläufig geplante Termine (Corona Pandemie)

Vogelmarkttermine für 2021

03. Okt. 2021 vorläufig geplant

07. November 2021

Für Zwergwachteln ist eine Bescheinigung über die erfolgte Impfung gegen Newcastle Krankheit vorzulegen.

Vereinsheim am Bärenwegt 16, 94315 StraubingVereinsheim am Bärenwegt 16, 94315 Straubing


Vereinsheim am Bärenwegt 16, 94315 StraubingVereinsheim am Bärenwegt 16, 94315 Straubing

 Vogelmarkt canceled on March 7th, 2021, (Corona Pandemic)
                              Information for exhibitors 
1.  Here you will find the registration forms for Straubinger Vogelmarkt.
2.  Seller from abroad, from now on a veterinary certificate for parakeets u. Parrots required for spending to Germany.   
3.  Just print out the following forms, fill out, sign and bring them to the market.   
4.  Only with readable forms will a control number be assigned!

5.  Please fill out in block letters!     Bird Market Straubing exchange Rules:
Exchange Rules

    Bird Market Straubing:       
 Market feeders from abroad: Registration form for external feeders (in German)       

        cage labeling: cage labeling

    proof of origin: Form of proof of origin for submission of reportable birds (in German)

        Every provider of animals must be registered!     
        Upon registration, the exhibitor receives a control number.     
        This must be immediately visible attached to one of his sales cages.     
        Vendors without numbers are not allowed
        Cage labeling: all sales cages must be labeled with the personal data so these are made public!     
        There is no pre-registration necessary!

        We thank the breeders for the excellent course of the last bird markets.
        The exemplary behavior of the visitors also encouraged us to continue organizing the Straubinger Vogelmarkt with pleasure.